about us

We “Die Raeucherwelt” and an experienced smoke master are specialized in the traditional and elaborate smoking process over beechwood. Without the addition of glutamate, flavour enhancer, artificial flavours and food colouring.

In the last five years, we have developed a method which enables us not only to smoke fish and meat, but also salt, spices, herbs, oils and more.

We have rediscovered an old form of art. Not so long ago, the ancient knowledge of our grandparents about the smoking was in danger to be forgotten completely.

Beside the commercial smoke houses, this art form was only maintained by traditional fishing associations. It could only be bought what was offered by the supermarkets, butchers and fishmongers.

The pronounced and growing health awareness and the wish for an individual and organic nutrition of todays customers stopped and reversed this trend.

Today, more and more people are using their leisure time for digging out forgotten knowledge to produce healthy products and create handmade foods.

“Die Raeucherwelt” is contributing to this growing trend.

Our products target you as a gourmet and passionate hobby chef, vegetarians and vegans, innkeepers, hoteliers, caterers and many more.

We are calling on all that rather prefer a spicy and individual smoke flavour than the uniform taste of industrial food. The production of food after valid guidelines, standards and regulations can not help mass goods to achieve more than the average taste.

The products of “Die Raeucherwelt” are manufactured completely organic to bring the authentic smoked taste in your kitchen.

Enchant your senses – our products make every meal an unmatched taste experience.

Yours sincerely,
Die Raeucherwelt